House Pets A-Z Guide

Are you thinking about getting a pet, but don’t know what pet is right for you? This page talks about all kind of pets from rabbits to alpacas and it tells you information you need to know about each pet. Also remember, if you are looking for a pet to have, try checking your local animal shelter. They have a wide range of differnt pets that you could adopt.

If you see a ! that mean there is a website address that you can go on for more information.


Alpaca- Unshorn alpaca grazing.jpg Alpacas are like lamas except bigger and furrier. Alpacas spit a lot and are mostly found in South America. They weigh 125 to 175 pounds and there height is about 40 inches (adults). Okay, this may seem weird, but they share a… uh… dung pile. Okay, I think that’s enough for the Alpaca!! 🙂


Bearded Dragon-  Bearded dragon Ryuu.jpg Bearded Dragons are from Australia and now, in America, there an awesome pet to have!! These lizards are omnivores and have a lifespan of 12-20 years old. In rare cases, the Bearded Dragon lives to 20 years, but it can. They also love to eat crickets and they need sand in their cage. 

Beta Fish- Betta cambodian.jpg  The average lifespan for this colorful fish is 2-5 years. Beta are also 6- 8cm long (adults). These lovely fish are very aggressive and should not be in a tank with another beta. The beta can be in a tank with other fish like snails and cleaning fish. The beta has a diet of about 2 pellets of food a week! But some of these fish like different foods like flakes and freeze dried worms.


Cats- Other images of cats Cats are very poular house pets. There are many types of house pets like for example siamese cats.  Cats get up around 5.5 to 16 pounds depending on the type. Some cats will kill animals like lizards, birds, and mice and bring them to there owner as if saying ‘Here you go! ‘. Don’t worry, ther is nothing wrong with your cat if they do this, it is there natural hunting instinct. There coat color varies from black and white to brown and black (just like the picture). !-More info on cats @ 

Chinchilla- Chin resting on sofa.JPG Chinchilla’s are about the size of a rabbit (Chinchilla- ) with a lifespan of 10- 15 years. They should NOT eat rabbit pellets, instead they should be fed chinchilla pellets and a little bit of raisins, cheerios, and bread. Surprisingly, they love bird toys, and they are avid chewers. They love to take dust baths, too, but it can sometimes be a little messy.

Cow- A Swiss Braunvieh cow wearing a cowbell Cows are popular in farms, but some people have them as pets! Do you like to eat steak, hamburgers, beef, or beef sausage? Make sure you don’t eat this things in India! Cows are honored in religious ceremonies and are holy. Here is an intresting fact: there is about 1.3 BILLION cows in the world today; thats a lot! There are dairy cows, bulls, oxen, and many other types of cows and species of cows.


Dog- A Labrador Retriever The classic pet! Check out our Dog A-Z Guide right now to learn about dogs!



Ferret-  Ferrets are about 20 in. long (inclusing the tail) and weigh from 1 to 4 pounds. Ferrets were first sold in the U.S. in the early 1980s by Dr. Wendy Winstead. Ferrets usually sleep for a long time, around 14 to 18 hours a day in two to six hour periods. If you don’t always keep your ferret in its cage, be careful because they can easily get into drains and holes.


Hamster- are very popular pets that are part of the rodent family. In fact, the hamster is one of the most popular pets in many different countries. The hamster family contains about 100 diffrent species, but only a few are common house pets. The most common type of hamster (that is kept as a pet) is the Syrian on Golden hamster.





  2. another good house pet is the rat they are very sociable animals

  3. zoey 101 one of the girls have an alcapaca

  4. i have a all brown bearded dragon what bread is it?

  5. Milly,
    Believe it or not, people actualy have alpacas and cows for pets!!

  6. Sam,
    You mean breed, not bread right? lol! Actually, we don’t think there is a SPECIFIC type of bearded dragon. Brown right? I can’t seem to find any information on specific breeds of bearded dragons, but I will let you know if I find out there is. 🙂

  7. i hate potchers.

  8. acctuly hamsters r good house pets 2 =] oh and can u start doing house pets from other coultries??? thx =]

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